Intended Touch
Healing Brought to You!


My name is Cassandra Diaz and I am Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Maryland.  I have worked in both the spa settings and high pace massage settings since 2012.  I originally began this journey while finishing my board testing for cosmetology.  I decided to know everything possible within the spa industry; such as facials, cosmetics, hair culture, and then branched into the internal healing.  I attended school at Baltimore School of Massage (BSOM) and decided that it was not quite the right environment for me.  I wanted to find a smaller class size ratio with hands-on experience and feedback from my instructors and restarted the program with Fortis Institute located in Towson.  I graduated from there in March of 2012.  Right out of testing, I was placed into a job at the Belair Massage Envy location while continuing to dip and dabble between both trades of hair and massage.  Since then I relocated into the Timonium Massage Envy and since have felt that my potential for growing needs to come in my own setting and  on my own terms.  Through my own experiences, I understand the daily struggle with our reoccurring habits and environment creates a pathway of chronic pains.  I myself have lived with chronic back pains since I was a teenager, and have had a full spinal fusion for over 15 years now.  However that was a pre- basis for the motions I did day in and day out in any job I have done.  I became a believer through feeling relief from massage,and I take pride in breaking peoples lessened range; aches and pains; tension; tendonal issues and postural deviations.  My goal each time someone sets foot with me for a consult:

  • Listen to where your pain originates
  • Assess the areas surrounding it
  • Develop a strategy to break down those problem areas
  • Educate you on what areas are impacting that
  • Educate you on how to make this issue better when you leave out my door
  • Each time thereafter should provide a relief and food for thought as you start to relate why certain parts of your body always feel a certain way

Please come join me in a new journey of healing.  I am looking forward to it!